2000 Short Plays

“Estrogenius, a celebration of women’s work…grew out of the Source’s original mission to create opportunities and build a community. Female writers, directors, actors & designers have long been left by the wayside in the “testosterogenius” that is the season at many of our nation’s theatres. Frankly, I knew far too many talented and dedicated women who weren’t being challenged to use their abilities. I wanted to put them to work! Estrogenius 2000 turned out to be the most successful event of the Source’s inaugural season. The power of women to support each other, take responsibility, find creative solutions and do excellent work has been nothing short
of inspiring.”
Fiona Jones
Founder & Director, manhattantheatresource
Founder & Executive Producer, Estrogenius
March 7, 2001

~ Producers ~
Catherine Zambri, Jennifer Monaco, Fran Kirmser, Ellen Shanman, Lynn Sally &
Tiffany Card

Program 1:

Fate by Elizabeth Horsburgh
directed by Jan E. Murphy
featuring…Erin Walls & Ed Lane

The Virgin by Cheryl L. Davis
directed by Jessica Provenz
featuring…Dana Slamp & Karen Chamberlin

The Man Who Didn’t Own a Hat Shop by Amy Fox
directed by Nela Wegman
featuring…Meg Howrey & Joe Fuer

Two Trailers by Samara Kanegis
directed by Jemma Levy
featuring…Traci Godfrey & Diane Landers

Bounds Words by Kassie Bracken
directed by Karin Bowersock
featuring…Suzette Gunn, Maria DeMarse, Jennifer Monaco

X x Infinity by Lisa Harris
directed by Zelda Gargel
featuring…Ato Assandoh & Soomi Kim

Tightrope by Barbara B. Goldman
directed by Kate Magram
featuring…Monica Russell, Novel Idea, Ana Maria Jomolca

A Flat by Leslie Lyles
directed by Donna Jean Fogel
featuring…Cassanda Han & Greg Stuhr

Open Slot by Julie Lewis
directed by Zoya Kachadurian
featuring…Susan Scudder, Suzanne Marley, Sylvia Norman

Program 1 Production Team:
Set Design: Maruti Evans
Lighting Design: Dana Sterling
Costume Design: Patricia Jackson
Stage Manager: Carolyn Bennett
Assistant Stage Manager: Lena Losey

Program 2:

The Ghoul of Amherst by Amy Freed
directed by Julia Ford Gibson
featuring…Mara Stephens & Renee Brown

Esther Up for Air by Elizabeth Anderson
directed by Aimee Zygmonski
featuring…Kim Donovan, Lauren Liberati, John McCullough, Daryl Boling, Fiona Jones, Katie Corrado, Erika Bailey

Barking Girl by Susan Bernfield
directed by Tricia McDermott
featuring…William Peden & Meg Howrey

Fried Rice & Ketchup by Sivie Suckerman & Andrew Binion
directed by Amy Kiehl
featuring…Lyena Nomura, Denise LeDonne, Sean Higgins, Mahlon Stewart, Robyn Hussa, Nelson Lugo, Ilka Maria

Program 2 Production Team:
Set Design: Maruti Evans
Lighting Design: Rachel Naber
Sound Design: Erin Hill
Costume Design: Tomoko Naka
Stage Manager: Laura Schlachtmeyer