2002 Short Plays

There are 4 exciting weeks of this festival and each week we presented five, thought-provoking plays by some of today’s hottest playwrights.

(Click on “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,”or “Week 4” to see full details for each program.)

Week 1:

Recess by Corrina Hodgson
directed by Karin Bowersock
featuring…Leslie Eva Glaser, Antonia Stout, Jennifer You

The Handbag by Audrea Stolowitz
directed by Erin Brindley
featuring…Ebbe Ebbeson, Kate Hess, Daryl Boling

Happening To Your Body by Mac Rogers
directed by Jordana Davis
featuring…Kathy Gerhardt, Laura Morton, Elizabeth Tidy*

Intimate ASCII by J.D. Eames
directed by Hannah Grannemann
featuring…Rosemary Garrison* & Erin Kate Howard

Zelda and Bernice by Carla Johnston
directed by Amantha May
featuring…Jenny Weaver & Gail Thomas

Coordinated by Kim Vasilakis
Stage manager: Meagan Lopez
Lighting designer: Jerry Browning
Costumes: Adrienne Blount

Week 2:

This Side of Paradise by Mariana Elder
directed by Tina Marie Polzin
featuring…Jennifer Lauren Grant, Kristin Gedney, Hillary Sinn*
Fight director: Carrie Brewer
Assistant fight director: Taryn DeVito

Fowl Play by Susan Barsky
directed by Rachel Wood
assistant director: McCready Baker
featuring…Doug Goodrich* & Anna Ewing Bull*

The Plate Cleaners by Elizabeth Anderson
directed by Michelle Cutler
featuring…Sean Devine & Alice Gentles

Happy Birthday by Monica Payne
directed by Alison Talis
featuring…Deborah Offner*, Trent Dawson*, Jennifer Monaco

Seeking True Love by Allison Lane
directed by Shoshona Currier
featuring…Taryn DeVito, Charles Moran, Marisa K. Fran, Evan Franca

Coordinated by Margaret Dodge
Stage manager: Meredith Smyth
Lighting designer: Megan Lynn Peti
Costumes: Oana Babeti

Week 3:

Exercise by Catherine Riggs
directed by Elizabeth Nagengast
featuring…Nicole Cerrito, Patricia Buckley*, Katharine Clark*, Charlotte Colavin*, Edd Stockton

Thursday Night Dance Class by Carolyn London
directed by Jessi Sister
featuring…Kassie Bracken, Cesar Carrasco, Martin Hyde

Rescue by Fiona Jones
directed by Andrew Frank
featuring…Hope Garland & Carla Hayes*

He Ate the Sun by Sheila Callaghan
directed by Hayley Finn
featuring…Marc H. Bryman*, Christie Klein*, Brenton Popolizio*, Samone B. Weissman*

Sep U1 Ker by Sharon Fogarty
directed by Sharon Fogarty
featuring…Karen Christie Ward, Leanne Conley, Steve Deighan*, Drew Blood, Steve Makler, Annette Powers, Catherine Rogers, Zoi

Coordinated by Vanda
Stage manager: Laura Sclachtmeyer
Lighting designer: Maruti Evans
Costumes: Miriam Sohn

Week 4:

Garden of Even by Margaret Dodge
directed by Passion
featuring…Helene Galek* & Andrew Cope*

Tasha Walks by Tasha Walks
directed by Kathleen Toledo
featuring…Shane Jacobsen* & Anna Marie Gottfried

Replacing the Image by Crystal Skillman
directed by Nela Wagman
featuring…Rebecca Honig* & Christian Rummel*

Looking for the Pony by Andrea Lepcio
directed by Barbara Gulan
Assistant director: Evie Hammer
featuring…Adrienne Hurd*, Michelle Hurd*, Catherine Zambri*, Kim Martin-Cotton

The Blow-Up by Catherine Goldstein
directed by Danielle Soames
featuring…Adina Taubman, R. Paul Hamilton*, Andrew Stewart-Jones, Tracey Titus

Coordinated by Christie Klein
Stage manager: Jill Heller
Lighting designer: Pamela Kupper
Costumes: Kristin Gedney

Festival Credits:
Executive Producer: Fiona Jones
Producers: Jennifer S. Collins, Catie Riggs, Daryl Boling
Press producer: Fran Kirmser
Set designer: Maruti Evans
Sound: Giovanna Sgarlata

*appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association