2003 Short Plays

There are 4 exciting weeks of this festival and each week we presented five, thought-provoking plays by some of today’s hottest playwrights.

(Click on “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,”or “Week 4” to see full details for each program.)

Week 1:

Why Do Good Boobs Go Bad by Andrea Lepcio
directed by Barbara Gulan
featuring…Adrienne Hurd*, Denise Alessandria Hurd*, Carla Hayes*, Evie Hammer

Leaving on a Jet Plane by Monica Payne
directed by Shoshona Currier
featuring…Leslie Eva Glaser & PJ Dempsey

Creed by Corrina Hodgson
directed by Hope Garland
featuring…Elizabeth Tidy* & Karin Bowersock

I’ve Hit an Iceberg by Danna Call
directed by Maryna Harrison
featuring…Dvanne Court* & Dayna Steinfeld*

On the Backs of Fishes by Crystal Skillman
directed by Gretchen Van Lente
featuring…Spencer Lafrenz, Wendy Graham, Jason Howard*, Amy Carrigan, Lisa Schanen, Tara Conlon

Coordinated by Kim Vasilakis
Stage manager: Brendan Turk
Lighting: Jason Jeunette
Costumes: Anna Marie Gottfried

Week 2:

Impossible to Leave by Laura Schlachtmeyer
directed by Cathrine Goldstein
featuring…Patrick Halliday, Gwen Brownson*, Todd Butera, Dwayne Thomas, Blair Johnson, Carly Robins, Emily Sproch

Warm Water by Kevin Ottern-Fox
directed by Kathleen O’Neill
featuring…Amy Dickenson*, Doug Goodrich*, Daniel Harnett*, Nancy Sirianni

The Test by Paula Caplan
directed by Evie Hammer
featuring…James Miles* & Joanes Prosper

What is Said…What is Meant by Liz Nagengast
directed by Liz Nagengast
featuring…Kim Vasilaksi & Jenny Eakes*

Disappearance of Castor & Pollux by Dawn Sheggeby aka Cafu Aldair
directed by JoEllen Notte
featuring…Valerie Fengold, Beth White, Katharine Clark Gray*

Coordinated by Libby Collins
Stage manager: Amber Estes
Costumes: Anna Marie Gottfried

Week 3:

Brown Paper Bag Picnic Gunch by Catherine Zambri
directed by Allison Talis
featuring…Jeff Plunkett* & Lauren Ward*

Just a Second by Fiona Jones
directed by Michelle Cutler
featuring…Jef Betz* & Lynda Ashe*

Courting Monsters by Elizabeth Anderson
directed by Karin Bowersock
featuring…Hank Davies*, Irene McDonnell*, Antonia Stout, Evan Franca, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Elaine O’Brien

Molly, Molly by Mac Rogers
directed by Tina Polzin
featuring…Kurt Schlachter, Jennifer Laine Williams*, Carla Tassara, Kristin Gedney, Beth Cole, Bekka Lindstrom, Donna Jean Fogel*

Coordinated by Christie Klein
Stage manager: Laura Schlachtmeyer
Lighting: Where Huertas
Costumes: Jocelyn James

Week 4:

Products of Conception by Michele A. Miller
directed by Catherine Baker-Steindler
featuring…Greg Oliver Bodine* & Stephanie Dorian*

The Board Room by Quiara Alegria Hudes
directed by Antonia Grilikhes-Lasky
featuring…M. Ryan Purdy, June Raphael, Clayton Dean Smith*, Sean Williams

How Crazy Joe Met His Wife by Victoria Libertore
directed by Passion
featuring…Jake Suffian* & Jennifer Monaco

Killer Instinct by Jordana Davis
directed by Jordana Davis
featuring…Caroline Burrow & Louise McCabe

Saying Anything by Laura Camien
directed by Lory Heming
featuring…Susan Blackwell, Cindy Keiter*, Libby Collins
stage manager: Jenny Lynch

Coordinated by Michele Miller
Stage manager: Amber Estes
Costumes: Jocelyn James

Festival credits:
Head mama: Fiona Jones
Producers: Kim Vasilakis, Tina Polzin, Libby Collins, McCready Baker, & Katie Adams
Set designer:  Maruti Evans
Sound designer: Giovanna Sgarlata

*appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association