2005 Short Plays

There are 4 exciting weeks of this festival and each week we presented five, thought-provoking plays by some of today’s hottest playwrights.

(Click on “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,”or “Week 4” to see full details for each program.)

Week 1: Reflections Week

Rearview Mirror by Laura Schlachtmeyer
directed by Daryl Boling
featuring…Robin Goldsmith*, Melanie Girton Hewett, Christa Kimlicko*

A Left at Happy Ever After by Cathrine Goldstein
directed by Anna Guttormsgaard
featuring…Paula J. Riley* & Paulette Williams

Fix Me, Please and Thank You by Catherine Zambri
directed by Allison Talis
featuring…Daryl Boling, Jennifer Gordon Thomas, Fiona Jones, Ben Thomas*, Trish Alexandro

Reunion by Daryl Boling
directed by Paula D’Alessandris
featuring…Jason Grossman, Kathy Searle*, Robin Goldsmith*, Melanie Girton Hewett

Challenged by Fiona Jones
directed by Betsy Sanders
featuring…Adi Kurtchik & Rosemarie Sciarrone

Produced by Fiona Jones
Stage manager: Ben Sulzbach
Lighting designer: Kenneth Sanders
Costumes: Douglas Hobbs

Week 2:

Baggage by Michael Ramirez
directed by Johanna Gruenhut
featuring…Kim Vasilakis & Riddick Marie*

Ladies of the Lake by Stuart D’Ver
directed by Synge Maher
featuring…Alicia Levy & Elizabeth Elliott

The Wedding by Lucia del Vecchio
directed by Jocelyn Sawyer
featuring…Nicole Sifonek* & Marca Leigh*

Take Care of Yourself by Diana Fithian
directed by Miriam Eusebio
featuring…Lynda Berge, Lilly Poferl, William Burdick

Strange Bedfellows by Peggy Dougherty
directed by Laura Henry
featuring…David Licht* & Margot Avery*

Produced by Kim Vasilakis
Stage manager: Matt Quint
Lighting designer: Aaron Meadow
Costumes: Amy Kitzhaber

Week 3:

Blood White by Brian Blake
directed by Heidi Handelsman
featuring…Kellie E. McCants, Stacey Raymond*, Maiken Weise

The One That Got Away by Lissa Brennan
directed by Joan Murray
featuring…Aida Lembo & Jeff Lepine

Remind Me Again by Sharyn Rothstein
directed by Rachael Evans
featuring…Tammi Clayton*, Theresa Rose, Courtney Wagner*

Rewind by Renee Flemings
directed by Kelly Haydon
featuring…Sachi Grandoit & Charles Moran

Purity and the Prince by Robin Rice Lichtig
directed by Handan Ozhilgin
featuring…Katie Atcheson*, Jude Dvorak*, Garry N. Hannon

Produced by Tegan Meyer
Assistant producer: Jenna Rossi
Stage manager: Alexis Hadsall
Lighting designer: Kevin Hardy
Costumes: Ann Sandoval

Week 4:

Awake by Meryl Cohen
directed by Alexandra de Suze
featuring…Kate Rushing*, Helene Galek*, Lisa Landino, Elaine Anderson*

Haunted by Stephanie Zadravec
directed by Amber Estes
featuring…Rebecca Simone Stein, Ridley Parson

Oh Hell No! by Vanessa A. Spencer
directed by Esther Pan
featuring…Nicole Lomax, Nicole Rose Brandon, Pascal Beauboeuf*

Love, Joel by Jennifer J. Katz
directed by Maura Kelley
featuring…Dvanne Court* & Joe Sevier

You Look Really Hot by Mac Rogers
directed by Jordana Williams
featuring…Amy Lee Pearsall & Julie Marie Paparella*

Ice, Rock and Dust by Kim Kolarich
directed by Kathleen O’Neill
featuring…Roy Miller* & Wendy Pate Clifford

Produced by Nancy Sirianni
Stage Manager: Amber Estes
Lighting designer: Stephen Arnold
Costumes: Annie Simon

Technical Director: Ed McNamee
Design Coordinator: Tina Polzin
Set: Alex Senchak
Sound design: Paul Mazza

*appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association