2006 Short Plays

There are 4 exciting weeks of this festival and each week we presented five, thought-provoking plays by some of today’s hottest playwrights.

(Click on “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,”or “Week 4” to see full details for each program.)

Week 1:

Bridal Suite by George Hunka
directed by Shana Solomon
featuring…Denise Fiore, Rachel Anne Evans, Tiffany May

Screwball by Joan Murray
directed by Regina Robbins
featuring…Matt Biagini*, Christopher Erickson Capps*, Nick Gallegos*, Reginald Metcalf*

A Place for Owls by Fiona Jones
directed by Mary Hodges
featuring…Sofia Johnson, Anna Wilson, Gerry Lehane

Loose Girls & Screwdrivers by Catherine Zambri
directed by Zoe Aja Moore
featuring…Ben Thomas, Wayne Stills*, Gary Ingham*, April McCullough, Julie Perkins*

Mescalito by Lucy Boyle
directed by Maria Govanes
featuring…Justin Blanchard*, Megan Hart, Jeremy Alan Richards*

Produced by Fiona Jones
Assistant Producers: Amber Estes & Miriam Eusebio
Lighting: Pamela Kupper
Stage Manager: Irene Carroll

Week 2:

Avarice Fantasy by Miriam Eusebio
directed by Erin Brindley
featuring…Franny Silverman*, Jan Burrell*, Shawn Shafner, Ridley Parson, Craig Lenti, Denise Cormier*

Nu Shu by Thomas H. Diggs
directed by Mhari Sandoval
featuring…Hanson Tse*, Angela Lin*, Laura Kai Chen*
percussion: Katia Naka

Detention by Maura Kelley
directed by Kathleen O’Neill
featuring…Anita Wlody, Marnie Allen-Buckley

Decoding Fruit by Molly Smith Meltzer
directed by Courtney Birch
featuring…Synge Maher, Craig Lenti

Percentages by Julie Perkins
directed by Alexandra de Suze
featuring…Denise Cormier*, Brian Norris*

Songs from the Greenwich Village Follies
by Andrew Frank (lyrics) and Doug Silver (lyrics & music)
performed by Patti Goettlicher & Lisa Hokans

Produced by Jennifer Gordon Thomas
Assistant Producer: Jen Thatcher
Stage Manager: Laura Schlachtmeyer
Lighting: Eileen Goddard
Costumes: Kathleen Leary

Week 3:

Arms by Bekah Brunstetter
directed by Shoshona Currier
featuring…Shauna Kelly, Christopher Illing*, Allison Jill Posner

Cave Krewe by Kara Lee Corthon
directed by Heidi Handelsman
featuring…Keith Chappelle*, Christopher Burris*

Night Train by Gena Acosta
directed by Zoya Kachadurian
featuring…Amy Dickenson*, William Kozy

The Party by Lynne McMahon
directed by Theresa Buchmeister
featuring…Averyn Mackey, Libby Collins, Scott Johnson

Triage by Sharyn Rothenstein
directed by Paula D’Alessandris
featuring…Brian D. Coats*, Nicole D’Amico*, Amber Voiles*, Gabriel Grilli*

Produced by Shoni Currier
Assistant Producer: Megan Demarest
Stage Manager: Lauren Arneson
Lighting: Emma Rivera
Costumes: Ariella Bowden

Week 4:

The Doubtful Dead by Mercedes Sanchez
directed by Cara Scarmack
featuring…Caroline Parsons, Steve Russo

The Chicken and the Egg by Shelly Mazzanoble
directed by Rachel Wood
featuring…Margaret Flanagan*, Mary Fox, Karen Sternberg

The Monotone Poncho Spatula by Mya Kagan
directed by Rosalie Purvis
featuring…Michelle Einfield*, Dan Truman*, Stuart Green

The Morning After by Wendy Caster
directed by Theresa Rose
featuring…Barbara Mundy*, Robert Libetti*

Eleanor by Julia Dwyer Sullivan
directed by Rachael Anne Evans
featuring…Kathy Deitch*, Kelvin Whui*, Helene Galek*, Karen Gollrad

Produced by Tegan Meyer
Assistant Producer: Amy Dickenson
Stage Manager: Irene Carroll
Lighting: Kia Rogers
Costumes: Brenda Perry

*appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Set Design: Ed McNamee