2010 Encores

Week 5 our Encores week, featuring the audience favorites from the prior 4 weeks of the festival plus 1 brand-new piece selected from our Estro-Genius-in-Progress reading:

Estro-genius-in-progress Audience Favorite:
G Train Exodus
The story of a failed artist who tries to leave New York City forever, and the subway train that won’t let her go. A tale of transformation and transportation.
written by Jessica Fleitman
directed by Havilah Imfeld
featuring…Seth Andrew Bridges, Julia Falamas

Week 1 Audience Favorite:
Snow White Zombie
Zombie Apocalypse. In Fairytaleland. ‘Nuff Said.
written by Brenton C. Lengel
directed by Leta Tremblay
featuring…Lucia Brizzi, Adam La Faci, Parker Leventer*,
Samantha Blain, Joshua Alan Conner

Week 2 Audience Favorite:
Crossing Borders: A Evolutionary Tail
Intrepid city guy tries to persuade timid country gal to move in with him and enjoy the perks of culture hanging out at Borders Bookstore.
written by Pat Montley
directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan
featuring…Colin Hafkey*, Carey Urban*

Week 3 Audience Favorite:
Who You Got to Believe
It is human nature to hold on to and fight for home, even if a house
no longer exists.

written by Charlene A. Donaghy
directed by Zoya Kachadurian+
featuring…Sheilagh Weymouth*, L.B. Williams*

Week 4 Audience Favorite:
Flight Risk
He’ll have no choice but to ask her to step out of the vehicle…
written by Caron A. Levis
directed by Havilah Imfeld
featuring…Michael Whitney Hyde, Annalisa Loeffler*

Producer: Steven Cunningham
Assistant Producer: Renee Rankin
Stage Manager: Robyn Lee