2010 Short Plays

There are 5 exciting weeks of this festival and each week we presented five, thought-provoking plays by some of today’s hottest playwrights.

Weeks 1 through 4 are below. Week 5 is our Encores week, featuring the audience favorites from the prior 4 weeks of the festival plus 1 brand-new piece selected from our Estro-Genius-in-Progress reading.

(Click on “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,”or “Week 4” to see full details for each program.)

Week 1:

Snow White Zombie
Zombie Apocalypse. In Fairytaleland. ‘Nuff Said.
written by Brenton Lengel
directed by Leta Tremblay
featuing…Lucia Brizzi, Adam La Faci, Parker Leventer*, Samantha Blain, Joshua Alan Conner

A soldier surprises his wife with an unexpected visit and news of his new assignment.
written by Leslie Revelle
directed by Audrey Alford
featuring…Gwen Sisco, James Edward Becton*

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but a certain word will get you a face full of pepper spray.
written by Katharine Clark Gray
directed by Jennifer Bronstein
featuring…Charley Layton, Olivia Rorick

Finding the Way
With her laid-off salesman husband bent on a spiritual quest, and her daughter about to deliver a Thanksgiving surprise, can wife and mother Dorie cope with any more change? Finding the Way paints a comical portrait of a family unraveling–which may not be a bad thing.
written by Natalie Bates
directed by Anita Gonzalez
featuring…Greg Wilson, Olivia Rorick, Caitlin Graham, Diana Oh

Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves is a dark comedy exploring the love-hate realationship of two older women bound together in a faded menage a trois with an aged college dean.
written by Jeff Carter
directed by Kellie Mecleary
featuring…Gloria Boucher*, Alice Connorton*

Produced by Jen Thatcher
Assistant Producers: Helene Galek, Catie Choate
Stage Manager: Michael Bordwell
Lighting Designer: Karen Sweeney
Costume Designer: Sarah Bertolozzi
Sound Designer: Jay Spriggs

Week 2:

All Mapped Out
A lesbian couple has conflicting ideas about steering the course of their relationship.
written by Paula Martinac
directed by Alexandra de Suze
featuring…Cheryl Orsini*, Candice Myers*, Laura Killeen

The Open Door
For those with a bad case of nerves, the peaceful English countryside offers the promise of rest and renewal; but for a young, bored and restless girl, it affords a golden opportunity for mischief.
adapted by Hana Mironoff from a short story by Saki
directed by Kathleen O’Neill
featuring…Joseph Franchini*, Melissa Dougherty, Helene Galek*, Richard Kent Green*

Wrong Planet
Eliot, a biologist with Asperperger’s Syndrome, has had a succession of girlfriends— briefly. Will Del be the woman who stays? In Wrong Planet, Eliot and Del face daunting obstacles while pursuing the dream of a common language.
written by Dori Appel
directed by Dina Epshteyn
featuring..Stephen Massicotte, Leah Curney*

Little Goldie and the Shines
In 1960, lead singer for Little Goldie and the Shines went missing. In 2010, thirty-something Lisa Kendall was admitted to a psychiatric hospital claiming to be Goldie. While Lisa waits for her family to pick her up, she has a revealing last conversation with her doctor. Delusions finally fall away as Lisa learns the truth.
written by Kay Poiro
directed by Lexi Hubb
featuring…Nicole Aiken*, Clover Claire Zatz, Monica Wyche, Kim Pettiford, Shashone Lambert

Crossing Borders: A Evolutionary Tail
Intrepid city guy tries to persuade timid country gal to move in with him and enjoy the perks of culture hanging out at Borders Bookstore.
written by Pat Montley
directed by Kathy MacGowan
featuring…Colin Hafkey*, Carey Urban*

Produced by Irene Carroll
Assistant producer: Sarah Doudna
Stage Manager: Kelsey Stokes
Lighting Designer: Kia Rogers
Costume Designer: Sarah Bertolozzi
Sound Designer: Jay Spriggs

Week 3:

Who You Got to Believe
It is human nature to hold on to and fight for home, even if a house
no longer exists. For slightly-touched, elderly Kathleen, who returns to New Orleans 4 1/2 years Hurricane Katrina, a set of forlorn concrete steps epitomizes home. With stubborn resolve she refuses to leave. She is visited by tender-hearted, elderly Ray who has been helping re-build New Orleans. He pleads to get her to safety as they struggle with their hope, belief, and the true meaning of home. 

written by Charlene A. Donaghy
directed by Zoya Kachadurian+
featuring…Sheilagh Weymouth*, L.B. Williams*

Not Me
Celia Perkins has a problem. Her best friend is missing her head. Is Dr Fraued just the psychiatrist to help her?
written by Marguerite Louise Scott
directed by Sarah Jenkins
featuring…David Licht*, Sari Caine*

The God Particle
Gavin meets a cute girl outside a bar in Geneva, Switzerland. But when you’re a physics grad student drowning in quantum mechanics, lab practicals, and whiskey, foreplay can look an awful lot like international espionage, and international espionage can look a lot like foreplay.
written by Christina Gorman
directed by Kathryn McConnell
featuring…Kevin Russo, Jenny Zerke

Cougars in the Outfield
Chelsea is a super-mom who can do it all … except get a love life.
written by Mim Granahan
directed by Deborah Long
featuring…Max Brand, Benjamin Slater, Sean Stanton, Matilda Szydagis*

Spring Break
Cathy, a younger-than-usual college freshman, is home for spring break… and with big news. Helen, her mother, is blindsided by the revelation, leading her to reluctantly make one of her own. Through this exchange, their entire family structure and dynamic collapses as their very comfortable mother-daughter relationship is transformed into a new and more complex one: that of woman-to-woman.
written by Annalisa Loeffler
directed by DeLisa White
featuring…Shelia Joon*, Paula Hoza*

Produced by Margaret Stockton
Assistant Producer: Sharon Hunter
Stage Manager: Michael Bordwell
Lighting Designer: Kia Rogers
Costume Designer: Lara de Bruijn
Sound Designer: Jay Spriggs

Week 4:

Last Call
Deep-fried inspiration and tequila creativity: four waitresses together against the world in a neighborhood bar.
written by Kate Bell
directed by Mimi McGurl
featuring…Halley Cianfarini, Leah Jacbos*, Megan Cooper, Stephanie Sabelli

An unfortunate accident at a prominent American company
presents a unique problem for one of its employees.

written by James C. Ferguson
directed by Ali Ayala
featuring…Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw, Heather Massie*, Antonio Minino, Joan Juliet Buck

A Spanish matador and a dancer from New York strike up a friendship through letters, the old-fashioned kind. But will this fragile, new-found friendship lead them to love….or tragedy?
written by Aliza Einhorn
directed by Heather Cohn
featuring…Anna Lamadrid, Melissa Macleod Herion

A mysterious woman visits a prison inmate bringing with her the ghosts of his past and a plan to thwart his imminent release.
written by Janice Kennedy
directed by Elisa Hansen
featuring…Alexandra Cremer*, Ally Diaz, Bill Kozy, Dina Lucchesi,
Monica Rounds

Flight Risk
He’ll have no choice but to ask her to step out of the vehicle…
written by Caron A. Levis
directed by Havilah Imfeld
featuring…Michael Whitney Hyde, Annalisa Loeffler*

Produced by Andi Cohen
Assistant Producer: Ruth McGowan
Stage Manager: Robyn Lee
Lighting Designer: Carissa Cordes
Costume Designer: Lara de Bruijn
Sound Designer: Liz Nielsen

*These actors appeared courtesy of the Actor’s Equity Association
+member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society