2011 Encores

Week 5 is our Encores week, featuring the audience favorites from the prior 4 weeks of the festival plus 1 brand-new piece selected from our Estro-Genius-in-Progress reading.

EstroGenius-in-Progress Favorite:

In the Ninth Month
Joan is pregnant and loving it…until she finds herself at an awkward cocktail party! Leave it to an Estrogenic Superstar to save the day!!!
written by Maiken Wiese
directed by Sharon Hunter
starring…Megan Corry*, Kevin Gardner*, Holly Hylton*, Eric Lomel, Patricia Lynn*, Lacy Warner

Week 1 Audience Favorite:
Glutton for Punishment
A woman who has spent her life following the yogi path to enlightenment discovers in the afterlife that the Catholics were right all along – and now she must outwit the devil to save her soul.
written by Catherine Noah
directed by Sandy Yaklin
starring…Vanessa Shealy* Alan Hasnas

Week 2 Audience Favorite
A young woman fights for soap and her honor – in the ladies restroom.
written by Caron Levis
directed by Irene Carroll
starring…Leigh Adel-Arnold Zachary Le Vey* Victoria Meyers

Week 3 Audience Favorites:
Wed-Fri performances
Tough Love
A biker chick talks to her friend about an obstacle she’s never encountered.
written by John C. Davenport
directed by DeLisa White
starring…Shaun Bennet Wilson, Beth Ann Leone

Saturday matinee
Green Dating
A teenage girl, with very specific ideas about what she wants in a man, makes it clear she won’t settle for someone who dosen’t meet her enviromental standard.
written by Chantal Bilodeau
directed by Barbara Harrison
starring…Eugene Oh, Quinn Warren

Week 4 Audience Favorite
written by Sara Ilyse Jacobsen
directed by Havilah Imfeld
starring…Michael Bordwell, Leah Gallimore*

Producer: Jen Thatcher
Stage Manager: Sean K. Rocke
Lighting Designer: Kia Rogers
Sound Designers: Ken Coughlin
Costume Designer: Sammi Guinan

*appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association