2011 Short Plays

There are 5 exciting weeks of this festival and each week we presented five, thought-provoking plays by some of today’s hottest playwrights.

Weeks 1 through 4 are below. Week 5 is our Encores week, featuring the audience favorites from the prior 4 weeks of the festival plus 1 brand-new piece selected from our Estro-Genius-in-Progress reading.

(Click on “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,”or “Week 4” to see full details for each program.)

Week 1:

Goodbye Avis
Emma and Miriam have arrived for the viewing of their dear friend Avis. Unfortunately (or not) there has been a mixup and now the ladies must decide what’s best for everyone concerned.
written by Celeste Koehler
directed by Kathleen O’Neill
starring…Donna Barkman* Susan Scudder* Vincent Marano Nicholas Radu

Glutton for Punishment
A woman who has spent her life following the yogi path to enlightenment discovers in the afterlife that the Catholics were right all along – and now she must outwit the devil to save her soul.
written by Catherine Noah
directed by Sandy Yaklin
starring…Vanessa Shealy* Alan Hasnas

Escape to Wonderland
Jackie’s life is falling apart and her solution catches the attention of her thrill-seeking old friend Cassie. Neither wants to stay in the old neighborhood, but only one has what it takes to escape.
written by Patrick Gabridge
directed by Mary Hodges
starring…Sheila Joon* Darnelle Williams

Dinner For Who
Pizza, dessert and a heaping side of self revelation.
written by Gabrielle Compton
directed by Jennifer Bronstein
starring…Alex Engquist Lillith Fallon Patricia Lynn*

If you finally get what you want, does it really matter where it came from?
written by Elizabeth Irwin
directed by Malini Singh McDonald
starring…Joane Cajuste Nicholas Radu

Produced by Jen Thatcher
Assistant Producers: Helene Galek, Anne Carlino
Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Sarah Chichester
Assistant Stage Manager: Earline Stephen
Lighting Designer: Karen Sweeney

Week 2:

Spinal Alignment
After a brief 2am dating site meet-up at the Midtown East McDonals, Shelia goes home with Donovan, to his grungy apartment. Their late night casual encounter quickly morphs into a existential crisis as they struggle to connect.
written by Deborah Yarchun
directed by Deborah Savadge
starring…Irene Lucio Jed Petersen*

My Beautiful Grandmother
Shirley, an unlikely damsel in distress, meets Joe, and unlikely hero, in a laundromat. She asks him to do her an unlikely favor and this may change them both forever.
written by Amina Henry
directed by Matilda Szydagis
starring…Susan McBrien* Ben Stencil

Status Update
One man, one woman, and the social media site that comes between them.
written by Jamie Pachino
directed by Andrea Finlayson
starring…Jane Finlayson Kyle Page

A young woman pays her debts and gains a fist-full of mints and her sense of self-worth – all in a ladies restroom.
written by Caron Levis
directed by Irene Carroll
starring…Leigh Adel-Arnold Zachary Le Vey* Victoria Meyers

The writer meets her destiny – literally!
written by Maia Akiva
directed by Yudelka Heyer
starring…Thia Stephan* Anna Wallace-Deering

Produced by Catie Choate
Assistant Producer: Ellen Lanese-Spaldo

Week 3:

Green Dating
A teenage girl, with very specific ideas about what she wants in a man, makes it clear she won’t settle for someone who dosen’t meet her enviromental standard.
written by Chantal Bilodeau
directed by Barbara Harrison
starring…Eugene Oh, Quinn Warren

Bones of Home
An old woman, a young man: strangers seperated by years, ideals and desires, yet drawn together by loss which seems insurmountable. Their meeting, on a neglected proch in Provincetown, Massachusetts, could change them both.
written by Charlene A. Donaghy
directed by Pat Golden
starring…Brent Hunter, Jane Cronin*

In the aftermath of an explosive breakup, Ana pays a visit to her ex-boyfriend’s best friend in search of answers. She learns more than she ever wanted to know.
written by Gemma Irish
directed by Kathryn McConnell
starring…Christopher Chwee, Sergio LoDolce, Lindsay Schwak

Tough Love
A biker chick talks to her friend about an obstacle she’s never encountered.
written by John C. Davenport
directed by DeLisa White
starring…Shaun Bennet Wilson, Beth Ann Leone

Black Boys Don’t Dance
A mother tries to protect her son from harm sanctioned by the state.
by Philana Omorotionmwan
directed by Sandra Alexander
starring…Alfonso Johnson, Tom Martin, Sandra Parris*

Produced by Sandy Yaklin
Assistant Producer: Deborah Long
Stage Manager: Earline Stephen
Lighting Designer: Sarah Lurie
Sound Designer: Stephanie Cox-Williams

Week 4:

Caller, Are You There?
A brash radio talk-show psychologist, Dr. Linda Messenger’s motto is “kids always come first” but that message becomes suspect after a mysterious young woman calls in to her show.
written by Kitty Dubin
directed by Samantha Saltzman
starring…Amy Dickenson*, Matthew Hammond, Robert Intile, Stephanie Masucci, Jenny Paul

Live from Pod 305
At an upstate women’s correctional facility, two cell mates discuss concepts of regret, fear and “second chances” through a grassroots radio broadcast from Pod 305.
written by Ashley Marinaccio
directed by Rachel Dart

Three Ring Platform
While waiting for the subway, Rachel, a neurotic woman, meets a professional clown. Their interaction shows what can happen when seeming opposites look past their first impressions.
written by Kate Kertez
directed by Amanda Junco
starring…Eric Hoffman, Erin Neufer*

A landlocked selkie must choose between her husband’s suffocating love and the chaos of the sea.
written by C.S.E. Cooney
directed by Karen Sweeney
starring…Bruce Barton*, Sari Caine*, Julia Campanelli*

written by Sara Ilyse Jacobsen
directed by Havilah Imfeld
starring…Michael Bordwell, Leah Gallimore*

Produced by Andi Cohen
Assistant Producer: Lareina Phelan
Stage Manager: Sarah Chicester
Costume Designer: Sammi Guinan

*appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association