2013 Short Plays

The event that started it all…

Our traditional evening of 5 short plays this year features the work of 5 Estro alums:

Hidden Beauty
written by Celeste Koehler
directed by Sharon Hunter
An art exhibit reveals a woman’s hidden beauty for two unsuspecting viewers willing to connect the dots.
featuring Helene Galek*, Gloria Rosen*, Alison Saltz*, Trevor Wade, & Adrienne Wiliams*

The Painting
written by Maura Kelly
directed by Mary Hodges
There’s more to this painting than meets the eye.
featuring Patricia Floyd* & Alden Truesdale

Human Earrings
written and directed by Cheryl King
What’s that hanging off her ears?! A provocative art exhibit sparks more than conversation.
featuring Renee Erikson, KC Weakley & Cheryl King

Traveler from Utopia
written by Eve Butler
directed by Andi Cohen
A traveler makes a new friend and tells her about the country he’s from. Is his homeland her next destination?
featruing Trevor Wade, Autumn Horne* & Helene Galek*

written by Char Nelson
directed by Deborah Long
An established artist acquires a new work at what price?
featuring David Bakamjian, Gretchen Schmoker, & Shashone Lambert

Producer: Deborah Long
Assistant Producers: Anne Carlino & Margaret Stockton

Stage Manager: Katie Dale

*appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association