2013 Sola Voce

sola voce

Sola Voce is a powerhouse program of solo shows. From hilarious to heart-wrenching, Sola Voce is a eclectic showcase of the art of solo performance.

Below you can see the 2013 Festival lineup

Big DummyPerformances Tuesday, October 15th @ 7pm and Monday, October 28th @ 8:15pm
written & performed by Mary Dimino
directed by Christine Renee Miller
Bright child. Simple father. They’re best friends. Until she outgrows him at age eleven. Embarrassed by him, and herself. Realizing dad’s brilliant. As is. Growing up smarter than your father in a funny, factory-working family from Queens. Come, simplify yourself.
website: www.big-dummy.com
twitter: @BigDummyTheShow

Dead Weight & Do This One Thing For Me – Performances Sunday, October 20th @ 4pm and Sunday, October 27th @ 4pm
Dead Weight
written by Christine Rosensteel
performed by Barbara Ann Davison (member AEA)
directed by Cheryl King
Flora’s conversation reveals the unspoken fears of many elderly women, including isolation, abandonment, and institutionalism. Desperation prevails. Denial appears to be Flora’s best friend.
paired with
Do This One Thing For Me
written and performed by Jane Elias
directed by Tracy Bersley
Her father lost almost everything in the final hours of World War II.
Fifty years later, he just wants to dance with his daughter at her wedding.
Not too much to ask, right?
(Do This One Thing for Me was developed in Matt Hoverman’s solo show workshop, CreateYourOwnSoloShow.com)


Jay Z & Me and Trans-Siberian Railway – Performances Sunday, October 20th @ 7pm and Sunday, October 27th @ 7pm
Jay Z & Me: A (fast) talking memoir
written and performed by Brenda Cullerton
directed by Cheryl King
Tiny, 60-year-old white lady and obsessive Jay Z fan breaks her back and ribs at his baptismal concert in Brooklyn. She heals, writes a one woman show about the experience, and meets the 42-year old hip hop hero two weeks before her first performance!
paired with
Trans-Siberian Railway
written by Monica Trausch
directed by Alexandra Keegan
performed by Madeleine Bundy
What does it mean to fall in love, to live your dreams, to trust, to see the world, and to just get on the train and ride? A one-woman exploration, “Trans-Siberian Railway” takes Vera across Russia on the longest railway in the world.

Inside Orion & Bitch Trial – Performances Tuesday, October 22nd @ 6:30pm and Sunday, October 27th at 1pm
Inside Orion
written and performed by Mary Catherine Donnelly
directed by Bill Bowers
Vanessa is an aggressively curious woman with leaky boundaries and a severely thwarted flight response. Can her hot butch lesbian roommate, Evan help her find out where she’s from with the help of a star?
paired with
Bitch Trial
written and performed by Lauren Maul
directed by Dan Balkin
Was that joke funny… or just mean? Character comic Lauren Maul questions herself in this dark Courtroom comedy.

My Life as a Woody Allen Film – Performances Tuesday, October 22nd @ 8:15pm and Monday, October 28th @ 6:30pm
written and performed by Aja Nisenson
directed by Michael Aman
One 20-something female. A shrink the name of male genitalia. 12 therapists of her past and present. A comedic and honest look at why I believe in the power of therapy… for other people.

Hi, Hitler – Performance Wednesday, October 23rd @ 7:30pm
written and performed by Lucie Pohl
directed by Jessi D. Hill
A half-Jewish-half-German-immigrant-girl grows up in a crazy artist family otherwise known as “The Chaos Club” in downtown New York and is fascinated by Hitler. All she wants is to be normal and belong, but the odds are against her. And so is homeland security.