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Due to their generous contributions, the Estrogenius Festival is able to present new work by hundreds of artists each year.

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 Past and current sponsors include:

Aveeno, Blue Man Group, Crumbs, Dance Manhattan, Diamond Nuts, Gizzi's, Mary Kay, Pangea, Pendaflex, The Producers Club, Ricky's NYC, Ripley Grier Studios, School for Film and Television, Sirius Satellite Radio, Vosges & Weist Barron

Executive Producer - $999 and over
Christine Kestner

Producer - $499 and over
Jang Kim

Company Manager - $249 and over
Khemaridh Hy

Director - $49 and over
Cathy Cachero
Stephanie Fotiadis
Amy Merlino Coey
Stuart Namm
Char Nelson
Kathleen O'Neill
Steve Somers

Stage Manager - $29 and over
Mario Levasseur
Lizabeth Newman

Artist - $19 and over
Melanie Goio
Sonia Karkare
Cindy Keiter
Lisa Roth
Corinne Seeley
Brian MacInnis Smallwood
Jane White

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