2012 Audition Info

When and where will auditions be held?
Auditions will be:
Friday, September 21, 2012 from 6pm-10pm
at Network Studios 242 W 36th St – 3rd floor – (7th/8th Ave) – 1,2,3,A,C,E to 34th St.

Saturday, September 22, 2012 from 12pm-5pm
at Roy Arias Studio, 777 8th Ave (47th-48th St), red door between City Experts Gray Line and Duane Reade, 2nd floor

Sunday, September 23, 2012 from 1pm-6pm
at Network Studios 242 W 36th St – 3rd floor – (7th/8th Ave) – 1,2,3,A,C,E to 34th St.

Are there roles for men?
Of course. There are roles for men & women, various ages & types. You will find all important dates and character breakdowns here.

How do I get an audition slot?
***IMPORTANT: When signing up for an appointment, please also add your e-mail address and specify the roles you are interested in, in order of preference, based on the character breakdowns and play descriptions.***  Sign up here for an appointment.

Do I need to prepare a monologue?
No. Auditions are from sides. The side for your first choice role will be provided when you sign in at auditions, so please plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your audition time.

Can I audition for more than one play?
During your audition time, you will be auditioning your first choice role. However, all or most of the producers and directors will be present for your audition and may invite you directly to callbacks for other roles.

Will I be able to read the plays in the festival before my audition?
Yes. We will have the plays available at the auditions and you can feel free to come in earlier than your audition time to read them.

Should I mail in/drop off/email a headshot/resume before auditions?
Just bring 3 headshots and resumes to your audition.

Are any of the plays pre-cast?
No plays are pre-cast, but writers, directors and producers may invite actors directly to callbacks.

Is Estrogenius an Equity showcase?
Yes. We will be casting Equity & non-Equity actors.

Is there pay?
We wish. Estrogenius is entirely run by volunteers. However in accordance with Equity Showcase guidelines, we offer Equity actors travel reimbursement for rehearsals and performances as well as two comp tickets per actor.

Is there double-casting?
There is, but only if you have a non-speaking role or under 5 lines in a play.