Cheryl King is LIVE-STREAMING Grapefruit this Friday

grapefruit_new_frontA Fabulous Opportunity to attend the first ever live-streaming theatre festival!

Friday, Feb 22 at 9:15 pm
The New Media Center at The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

Half price tickets available at

“….Cheryl King, StageLeft’s proprietress, who here reminds us that she’s also a magnificent actress. Her performance is nuanced, constantly compelling, and ultimately very moving.

Theresa Gambacorta’s direction is unobtrusive, subtle, and smart.” Martin Denton, ( Read the entire review here –

“This tiny tornado of a play lasts only 60 minutes, but spans a lifetime.  Sally Lambert was an opera star and playwright until a grapefruit got in the way. She died last year, just before this play was to debut with her telling her own tale. Cheryl King has done a masterful job of taking up the role. This is a comedy about tragedy, pulled off brilliantly.  We begin with Sally coming out of the anesthetic. The news isn’t great. Then we join her on a voyage through her life’s adventures, successes, and dramas. She laughs and we laugh. We are laughing to scare the devil, and we all know it. But we are laughing, and that’s what matters.”  -Karen D’Onofrio- Electronic Link

Grapefruit was a beautifully scripted play brought to life by a gifted actress. Whoever thought there could be humor in terminal cancer? But Grapefruit reveals the plight of a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who has no health insurance and highlighted important issues like the corporate greed of the pharmacology industry with their emphasis on expensive chemo treatments because it is so lucrative. It also touched on alternative treatments. Educational but thoroughly human. Go see it!