2012 Character Breakdowns & Important Dates

We have 3 programs (Program A, Program B and Program C) and each consists of 5 short plays. Please note the important dates for the program you are interested in. You MUST be available for all performances and tech dates. 

For more information on auditions and to sign up for a slot, click here.

Thurs, Nov 8th @ 8pm
Sat, Nov 10th @ 5pm
Sun, Nov 11th @ 8:30pm
Fri, Nov 16th @ 8pm
Sun, Nov 18th @ 1:30pm
Mon, Nov 19th @ 6:30pm
Wed, Nov 28th @ 6pm
Fri, Nov 30th @ 8:30pm
Sat, Dec 1st @ 1pm

Sun, Oct 14th – time TBA – 1st read-through
Oct 14th-Nov 4th – rehearsals – schedule to be determined by actors & director
Mon, Nov 5th @ 5pm to 10pm (1 hour per play)
Tues, Nov 6th @ 1pm to 2pm (Transition Tech) and
Tues, Nov 6th @ 2pm to 6pm (Tech Run)

Buying the Farm
written by Lezlie Revelle
directed by Audrey Alford
A group of older women become tired of being ‘invisible.’ They decided their only course of action is to do something drastic and buy the farm – literally.
VIVIAN: 60s+, Ringleader. Mostly serious with a good head on her shoulders. She is kind and thoughtful, but means business. The play opens with Vivian changing from stylish clothes into frumpy old-lady clothes. She may add a wig for emphasis.
MYRNA: 60s+, Smartass. She’s hard, sassy and saucy. Myrna changes/adds her old-lady clothes near the end of the scene.
GLADYS: 60s+, Deceptively soft and airy. Sharp as a tack with a surprising hard edge when needed. She arrives in her old-lady clothes, talking on a cell phone and carrying a cane that she can wield like a short quarterstaff.
RUTH: late 20s, Reporter. Was contacted by Vivian to do a human interest piece on women aging in America. She has a questionable deal with her paper, but despite that and her brush with the questionable legality of her writing, she is not yet a cynic.

The Key
written by Viviam Neuwirth
directed by Kathleen O’Neill
A scarred Israeli soldier and an American girl with wounds of her own are drawn together by desire which could heal them both.
ANNE: Late 20s-early 30s, Young urban professional. Dressed in a stylish suit. Stunningly beautiful. Striking contrast of blond hair and dark eyes. Has an unusual combination of sexual appeal and innocence.
DAVI: 30s, Israeli soldier on leave. Extremely good looking. Israeli accent. Has a military bearing and an air of command. Strong sexual appeal. There is nothing innocent about him.

A Recipe to Remember
written by Celeste Koehler
directed by Estefania Fadul
Monica and her sister Deirdre have come to a crossroads. It’s time to decide what to do about mother.
MONICA: female, early to mid forties.
DEIRDRE: female, late thirties to mid forties, younger sister to MONICA.
MOTHER: female, Mother of the MONICA and DEIRDRE. Sixty or more. Suffers with Alzheimer’s disease.

Gold Star Mother
written by Cynthia Robinson
directed by Allison Moody
The reality of war threatens to destroy a couple as their faith is put to the ultimate test.
ANN DAVENPORT: Female, Late 40s-early 50s
PASTOR ROBERT DAVENPORT: Male, Late 40s-early 50s

Jumping In
written by Seth Freeman
directed by T Valada-Viars
It is night, after hours, and the tense confrontation between a high school teacher and an aspiring gang member wasn’t in the lesson plan.
JUNIE: late 20s-40s, a school teacher
PUMA: about 18, a poor student

Fri, Nov 9th @ 8pm
Sun, Nov 11th @ 1:30pm
Mon, Nov 12th @ 6:30pm
Sat, Nov 17th @ 8pm
Sun, Nov 18th @ 4pm
Tues, Nov 20th @ 6:30pm
Wed, Nov 28th @ 8:30pm
Thurs, Nov 29th @ 6pm
Sat, Dec 1st @ 3:30pm

Sun, Oct 14th – time TBA – 1st read-through
Oct 14th-Nov 4th – rehearsals – schedule to be determined by actors & director
Tues, Nov 6th @ 5pm  to 10pm (1 hour per play)
Wed, Nov 7th @ 1pm to 2pm (Transition Tech) and
Wed, Nov 7th @ 2pm to 6pm (Tech Run)

written by Patricia Henritze
directed by Emma Duncan
A stoop in New Jersey. A drunken bride and her best friend dream of fulfilling their destiny by running off to Alaska and starting a life there – but one friend may see their lives there as more than an adventure.
JODY: 25
MAY: 26

When Predator Dies
written by Catya McMullen
directed by DeLisa White
Three roommates stage an intervention on their fourth roommate, who is cutting onions to cry and disturbing the equilibrium of the apartment.
ANABELLE: Painter. She’s sweet, a little neurotic. The kind of girl who can help get other people’s lives together but never quite completely fix her own. She works multiple part time jobs and has an arsenal of tactics to deal with her anxiety.
HENRY: A writer. He’s got that nice balance of responsibility and humor. Think “grounded bro.”
ALEXANDER: The anal retentive roommate. He means well and cares for those around him but has a tight-assed way of showing it. He’s methodical. The kind of roommate that leaves passive aggressive notes while also trying to have open communication with his roommates.
JACOB: Frequently has the demeanor of a kid at Disney World. Never quite gets his life together but is okay with it. He’s the kind of guy that has never cleaned the bathroom and needs directions every time he does his laundry. He’s lovable and seems to get away with it.

Orangutan & Lulu
written by Lisa Kenner
directed by Amanda Junco
Orangutan and Lulu may have been together for two weeks, two years, or two decades. Like all couples they must navigate intimacy, spatial relations, and interdependence to arrive at some level of comfort and happiness.
ORANGUTAN: man, 20s-40s
LULU: woman, 20s-40s

written by Lisa Bankert
directed by Jessica McVea
Passions threaten to reignite between two former flames when she boldly crashes his date night 18 months post-break-up to taunt him with a provocative memento she found tucked in the back of his sock drawer.
HE: male
SHE: female

written by Lynda Green
directed by Rachel Dart
Keeping the sun in the sky is literally the responsibility of June and George, two burnt-out coworkers toiling away in their jungle office, who come to see that there is more to living than just your job.
GEORGE: 20s-30s
JUNE: 20s-30s

Sat, Nov 10th @ 8pm
Sun, Nov 11th @ 4pm
Tues, Nov 13th @ 6:30pm
Thurs, Nov 15th @ 8pm
Sun, Nov 18th @ 8:30pm
Mon, Nov 26th @ 6:30pm
Thurs, Nov 29th @ 8:30pm
Fri, Nov 30th @ 6pm
Sat, Dec 1st @ 6pm

Sun, Oct 14th – time TBA – 1st read-through
Oct 14th-Nov 4th – rehearsals – schedule to be determined by actors & director
Wed, Nov 7th @ 5pm to 10pm (1 hour per play)
Thurs, Nov 8th @ 1pm to 2pm (Transition Tech) and
Thurs, Nov 8th @ 2pm to 6pm (Tech Run)

Life on Mars
written by Trish Cole
directed by Sara Lyons
A campy, futuristic drama about the final ten minutes an intergalactic lesbian fugitive spends on Earth waiting to board the last transportation to Mars.

written by Sharon Goldner
directed by Olivia Kinter
A woman is sitting around one day having a conversation with her breasts.
WOMAN: (20s-30s)
SALESLADY: (voice only)

Rosie, The Retired Rockette
written by Daniel Guyton
directed by Heather Cohn
86 year old Rosie is in a nursing home, but she still believes she’s back in her fabulous Rockette days. When her family comes for Christmas dinner, the present and the past collide.
ROSIE: 86, White female; a retired Rockette dancer; full of life, but has Alzheimer’s; can still dance; a bit of a diva
DAWN: 49, White female; Rosie’s daughter; tired, grounded, mother of Christie and Ella; upper middle class
CHRISTIE: 19, White female; a budding ballerina, definitely needs to be able to move; upper middle class
ELLA: 15, White female, Christie’s sister; playful and young; upper middle class

Books Not Now
written by Kira Lauren
directed by Sharon Hunter
A play about the end of a marriage: how it ends, why it ends, and how sometimes love is not enough.
HIM: early 30s
HER: early 30s

The Jennifer Bourne Identity
written by Hilary King
directed by Kathryn McConnell
Jennifer Bourne keeps getting flashbacks to her past. Who was she before she became an ultra-efficient, modern multi-tasking mom? Will she return to her slacker past or embrace her butt-kicking self?
JENNIFER BOURNE: Female, mid-late 30s, modern American mother, typical multitasking super mom.
HUSBAND: Modern American male.