2012 Festival Credits

Executive Producer: Jen Thatcher
Founding Producer: Fiona Jones
Assistant Executive Producer: Anne Carlino
Marketing Director: Malini Singh McDonald
Casting Director: Helene Galek
Casting Intern: Jess Sharples
Art Curator: Heidi Russell
Music Coordinator: Christa Victoria
Short Play Producers: Jen Thatcher, Catie Choate, and Andi Cohen
Short Play Assistant Producers: Anne Carlino, Earline Stephen, Margaret Stockton
Sola Voce Producer: Cheryl King
Women in Motion Producers: Melissa Riker, Anne Zuerner, Amber Sloan and Esther Palmer
Project Girl Producers: Jessica Greer-Morris and Ashley Marinaccio
Stand Up for Estro! Producer: Maribeth Mooney

Estro Xtended Producer: Alaina Hammond
Lighting Director: Kia Rogers
Master Electrician: Sam Gordon
Technical Director: Liz Torres
Set Designer: Sandy Yaklin
Submissions Coordinator: Michael Bordwell
Rehearsal Space Coordinator: Anne Carlino
Festival Intern: Sonia da Silva