2016 Women in Motion

Women in Motion was founded by Melissa Riker as an original part of the EstroGenius festival and is now a year long commissioning program produced by Riker, Amber Sloan and Erin Cella centering on new works from women choreographers.

Read more about this years program Revive/Reveal below!

Sunday March 13th at 5:00 PM
Produced by former WiM choreographers Melissa RikerAmber Sloan, and Erin Cella

Revive/Reveal is a unique program showcasing older dance works alongside new works-in-progress. The second half of the evening offers you a sneak peek of the September 2016 WiM Season.

2016 CHOREOGRAPHERS ARE: Remi Harris, Kristin Swiat and Brynne Billingsley

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