Project Girl: Unplugged at the Estrogenius Festival

Our Project Girls have been very busy. Here’s a quick note on what they’ve been up to as well as information on their performances at Estrogenius Festival.

Thank you so much for your support and concern. As many of you know, our office in the East Village had no power and our theatre space in Brooklyn was up the street from some of the most severe flooding in the City. While some of our collective members in low lying areas of New York City and New Jersey have experienced severe damage to their homes and power outages, all of our girls are safe and sound.

Project Girls have been busy, despite our struggles. We helped to organize a food and clothing drive at our theatre space and are opening a new show curated by playwright Winter Miller this Saturday. Proceeds from the show will go to Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts so please come and bring all of your friends.

Project Girl: Unplugged
Staging the Revolution

cutting-edge new work to be debuted at Estrogenius Festival

Thursday November 15th @ 6pm
Friday November 16th @ 6pm
Tuesday November 27th @ 7pm

Donate Here to support Project Girl’s Hurricane Relief Fund

If you cannot attend, please consider a generous donation to directly support mental health recovery efforts for young people in New York City and New Jersey. We know from our experience during and after the World Trade Center disaster that these services are critical. Youth are particularly vulnerable to anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression and substance abuse during times of distress. Those in need of immediate help should reach out to the Mental Health Association of NYC or call Disaster Distress Hotline 1-800-985-5990.

Take that Sandy!

Ashley and Jessica


EstroGenius 2012 Pre-Show Live Music at 6:00pm
EstroGenius 2012 Program B at 6:30pm
EstroGenius 2012 Sola Voce at 9:00pm

EstroGenius 2012 Pre-Show Live Music at 6:00pm
EstroGenius 2012 Program C at 6:30pm
EstroGenius 2012 Sola Voce at 9:00pm

EstroGenius 2012 Pre-Show Live Music  at 5:30pm
EstroGenius 2012 Sola Voce at 6:00pm
EstroGenius 2012 Women in Motion at 8:00pm