We Did It…With Lots of Help!

We did it–45 events in 26 days! I’ve always said it takes a village to produce this festival and this year that was more true than ever.

Heartfelt thanks to~

Our venues:
Cheryl King & Stage Left Studio
Orietta Crispino & Theaterlab
Haejin Han, our TD at Theaterlab

Our producers:
Deb Long, Margaret Stockton & Anne Carlino – Estro Short Plays
Vinnie Marano – Estro Xtended (Reading Series)
Cheryl King – Sola Voce
Andi Cohen – EstroTaneous Combustion
Heidi Russell – Estro Visual Art
Ashley Marinaccio – Girl Be Heard & Dancing at the Shame Prom
Kia Roger – The God Box

Our co-producing companies:
Malini Singh McDonald & Black Henna Productions for kicking things off with Runo Rimac
Alaina Hammond & Michael Bordwell – My Country Burns & Other Plays
Mary Matoula Web & John Doe Theater – Love at Home
Katie Braden, Gwen Sisco & Ivy Theatre – Mill Fire
Vivian & Eddie Neuwirth & Lagniappe Productions – NOLA Plays
Heidi Russell & the International Women Artists’ Salon – The Creative Lounge

& our Creative Lounge panelists, our actors, our directors, our designers, our SMs and board operators & YOU, our audience!

And a special personal thanks to Malini Singh McDonald for helming our marketing and social media presence and, even more so, for keeping me sane this year!

Can’t wait to see you all in 2014 for our 15th (gasp!) festival.

Jen Thatcher, Executive Producer