Welcome/ Creative Lounge

Wow. 14 years.

Our annual celebration of female voices was created by manhattantheatresource founder Fiona Jones in 2000 in response to what she saw as a shortage of opportunities for female theater artists. What began as a two-week program of short plays has grown over the years to include (at various times) music, dance, one-woman shows, teen voices, staged readings, stand-up comedy, visual art, film screenings, benefit performances, etc., etc., etc. The festival’s mission is to provide opportunities for female artists of all disciplines to have their work seen and to build creative relationships with other artists.


For the first 12 years of the festival, we were at 177 MacDougal St. (see “about manhattantheatresource”) and we got really, really good at doing the festival there. Over time, we grew and structured the festival to leverage every asset (and limitation) of that space. It was pretty awesome to see what we could squeeze into and out of that 50-seat brick box theater!


Last year, for the first time, we did the festival outside the walls of 177 MacDougal St. It was quite a feat. A bigger venue, more performances, and a little thing called Superstorm Sandy that hit the week before we opened, last year’s festival proved that Estrogenius–and manhattantheatresource–are bigger than a building, stronger than a specific address.


But, this year, we really cut loose. Having proven that we could “do Estro” outside 177 MacDougal St., this year the production team took a long, hard look at what we wanted that to mean. After much brainstorming and heart-to-hearting, the result is what you see before you. Since building relationships has always been at the heart of what we do, we made that this year’s focus and invited a bunch of artists and production companies to come play in our sandbox. This year, we wanted to see what we could all do together.


We think the result is pretty cool. We hope you agree.

One of the pieces of this year’s festival that we’re most excited about is the introduction of the Creative Lounges, created and co-produced by Heidi Russell and the International Women Artist’s Salon.


“What is a Creative Lounge?” you ask. The dry description is that it is a day of networking, panel discussions, and workshops. But really the Creative Lounge will be our chance to re-create a little of what we so loved about 177 MacDougal St…the opportunity to get together, share knowledge, build creative partnerships, look at art, see old friends, make new friends, and have insightful conversations about art, artistry and anything else we decide we want to talk about.


The Creative Lounges are day-long events at Theaterlab (one of this year’s Estro venues, along with Cheryl King’s Stage Left Studio) and will take place in all 3 of Theaterlab’s spaces (see floorplan and details here: http://www.theaterlabnyc.com/) on Sunday, October 20th and Saturday, October 26th.


The main theater will house our visual art show & networking, and the 2 smaller rooms will house the panel discussions & workshops. Full agenda & details are below.

Space IS limited and admission is only $5, so we suggest you reserve your spot now.

(That’s right, $5 gets you in any and all events. Pay $5, stay all day!)