Women in Motion (WiM) presents the WOMEN IN DANCE Panel

EstroGenius Festival

(October 15th – November 30th)

Women in Motion (WiM) presents the WOMEN IN DANCE Panel, with women who continue to push the assumptions of what it takes to succeed in the New York City dance world, and a celebratory salon performance to close the evening. WiM producers, Melissa Riker, Amber Sloan and Anne Zuerner have crafted a conversation topic for the WOMEN IN DANCE Panel, inviting dance makers Wendy Blum, Maura Donahue and Adrienne Westwood to respond to the question “How has motherhood affected your relationship to your art.

After what is sure to be a thought provoking and inspiring discussion, choreographers Deborah Lohse, Alison Manning, Kristin Swait, and Zoe Rabinowitz, will present short works in surprising spaces in WiM SALON #4.  Choreographers such as these and past salon participants are integral to Women in Motion’s mission to give female choreographers more visibility, flexibility in how their work is witnessed and space to play and discuss their work immediately with a happy audience. To see information about past WiM Salon’s, go to our Facebook Page.

Women in Motion celebrates and supports the work of female choreographers by commissioning new work from a select group of artists each year and supporting them in every step of the process of creation and performance. In addition to our fully produced season, our salons provide more opportunities for women choreographers to show work in any stage of development at unexpected venues, and to generate financial and community support for our annual fully produced season.

Women in Motion is Melissa Riker, Amber Sloan and Anne Zuerner.

Deborah Lohse will present Camille’s Nuts, a work set to interviews with Camille Paglia.

Performer:  Emily Sears

Sound: Brandon Wolcott

Alison Manning of DanceTheYard will present Out (excerpt), a set of 3 duets that speak to the inner turmoil and tumultuous relationships between two women, a man and a woman, and a woman and herself.  Each scene informs the next, leading to a breaking out from constructed molds we as humans often confine ourselves to.

Performers:  Holly Jones, Benjamin Cheney, Alison Manning

Music: “Biting Down” Lorde, String Quartet No. 3 “Mishima”: ‘IV 1962:Body Building’ & ‘VI Mishima/Closing’, Phillip Glass performed by Brooklyn Rider

Mixed by Benjamin Cheney

Kristin Swiat’s 2 Cast a Spell has grown out of her investigations of the concept and experience of fear and the observations of the cycles in which one can become entrapped and inhibited in our development. More specifically, the piece observes how fear can affect the breath, and in turn the breathing can affect the body and its ability to express. Other themes play with finding and losing balance, taking a movement or posture and displacing it in space, the idea of getting stuck in loops or repetitive cycles, and the possibility of resolution and overcoming fear.

Performers: Jessica Myers, Maya Orchin, Kristin Swiat

Zoe Rabinowitz presents k(not), depicting the unraveling of a relationship despite every effort to compromise. Performers: Zoe Rabinowitz and special guest.

Music:  Nate Young, 3 Cast a Circle